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Rotary Kiln

Case Description

  • ·  H.HENEIN et al, Experimental Study of Transverse Bed Motion in Rotary Kiln, Metallurgical Transactions B, 1983
  • ·  Bed particle motion in slumping, transition, rolling and slipping modes.
  • ·  The effects of rotational speed, bed depth, cylinder diameter and particle size were taken into account.

Computational Mesh

  • ·  About 4,000 3D structured cell

Physical Models

  • ·  Turbulence Model : Laminar
  • ·  Particle Model : DEM


  • ·  The particle bed repeats moving up with the rotating wall and then sliding down against the wall periodically in the slumping mode.
  • ·  The external bed shape remains stationary as particles slide down the top surface forming an active layer and an inactive region in the interior in the rolling mode.