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Fluidized bed reactor (FINEX R2)

Case Description

  • ·  Particular iron ore reduced in fluidized beds in the FINEX process​
  • ·  ​Reduced iron and bituminous coal reproduced as HCI(Hot Compacted Iron) and briquette coal, which are mixed in the melter-gasifier to produce liquid iron.

  • Geometry of the R2 fluidized-bed reactor: (a) for full size, (b) for 1/10 sector

Operating Condition​

  • Actual residence time : about 40 min
  • Averaged particle loading : 220ton
  • Detailed operating condition

Physical Models

  • ·  Turbulence Model : Standard k-ε model
  • ·  Combustion Model : EDM (Eddy dissipation model)
  • ·  Radiation Model : P-1 model with WSGGM
  • ·  Particle motion : MP-PIC method (Multiphase Particle-in-Cell)
  • ·  Heat transfer between gas phase and solid phase : Ranz & Marshall correlation coefficient


  • Comparison measurements with predictions of (a) mean pressure and (b) mean temperature​

  • Instantaneous images of (a) gas volume fraction and (b) particles motion​