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GDI Engine cold flow simulation with valve movement

Case Description

  • ·  Gasoline Direct Injection engine cold flow simulation was performed using SPAM algorithm [1,2]
  • ·  Figure 1 shows the geometry of the GDI engine performed in this work.
  • ·  Table 1 lists the major specifications of a GDI engine under consideration.

Computational Mesh

  • ·  Uniform-sized cells are created using ANSYS Mesher
  • ·  The unstructured mesh consists of a total of 310,000 tetrahedral cells at the bottom dead center and 240,000 tetrahedral cells at the top dead center.

Physical Models

  • ·  Turbulence Model : Laminar flow

Numerical Method

  • ·  First order scheme for spatial discretization of convection term
  • ·  Solver ‘turbDyMEngineFoam‘ with a library of S. Menon’s dynamicTopoFvMeshwas used, available in (
  • ·  Normalized residual of P < 10-5, the other < 10-4 for convergence
  • ·  The PISO algorithm was chosen to resolve the coupling between velocity and pressure.
  • ·  Total two stroke simulation (720CA) was performed.


  • ·  The below figure shows the vertical (y-direction) velocity components at the BDC.
  • ·  The blue color represents downward flow into the cylinder, whereas the red color represents flow upward out of the cylinder.